Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886



About us

Established in 1886, Villani has remained firmly in the hands of the same family throughout its century-long history. Today, the company continues to preserve the age-old art of meat curing through its exceptionally flavoured and beautifully presented products, with quality assured by the guarantees and controls of modern technology.

Our vision

Our dream is to reveal the prestigious nature of charcuterie. By which we mean, making customers aware of the passion behind the craftsmanship, with all its celebratory values, and sharing with them the thrill of discovering something special, the pleasure of savouring a rarity.

Our mission

With the passion we pour into our work comes a constant striving for excellence. These qualities, together with the awareness of the value of years of experience in cured meat production, are the driving force behind our desire to share, with lovers of fine living throughout Italy and the world, the ultimate in charcuterie.